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Chandler Buch

Freelance Technician

Chandler is a small town Nebraskan that grew up always liking to tinker with things no matter how big or small it was. For a few years he was all over the place between sports, drama, and gaming, but settled down after learning the art of modding for the famous Farming Simulator series. This exposure led him to meet game owner Grant Hilbert and began working side by side for nearly 2 years continuously beating on the craft to build his skills in many fields and using networking to his advantage by usually doing most of his work behind the scenes.

Currently, Chandler runs his YouTube channel “The Rental Man Buch” which was officially founded in 2019 primarily focused on farming simulator gameplay. Previous to this he worked at a family dairy farm, a Vermeer industrial equipment dealer, and most recently automotive detailing. However in the Background of all his past careers, Chandler worked to build his Freelance Video Design career by putting multiple hours into learning to work with 3d CAD models, recording audio for game use, tinkering with game coding, self teaching film editing, and content creation to potentially become full time which was successfully underway starting May 2021.

Chandler is a rather interesting character having many quirky interests. He’s got a knack of fabrication which carries into both his computer and life work of which he dedicates to his father for having the eye of a carpenter. He loves his cars and collections. He enjoys learning just enough to be dangerous when getting into the world of knowledge. He enjoys going to car shows and lake nights with some close friends while having a photography side when those perfect sunsets make their way onto the horizon. He also has an itch for the artistic side of things, always trying to twist the boundaries of how things can be done.