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Daniel Toma

Senior 3D Artist

Daniel has always been fascinated by graphics and 3D software, constantly exploring and experimenting with them. With an educational background in fine arts, he possesses a strong artistic foundation. This allows him to seamlessly blend analog and digital techniques, providing him with a more efficient means of expressing his creative ideas.

Daniel has extensive experience working in the software development industry, having held positions at well-known companies in this field. He has leveraged his skills to create impactful results in developing and delivering advanced software solutions. Daniel’s portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects that reflect both his technical expertise and his creative abilities. Additionally, he has prior experience in the automotive industry, where he was involved in car concept surface modelling. Anything he works on, he approaches with the value that it’s finished when it’s as close to perfection as efficiency allows it to be.

Daniel has a curious mind and finds joy in exploring the things around him. The question “How does this work?” drives his pursuit of knowledge. He loves going on road trips and has a deep appreciation for art in all its diverse forms. During his leisure time, you’ll often catch him playing games, although nothing compares to his appetite for solving Rubik’s Cube puzzles.