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Nico Vecchiarelli

Environment Artist

Nico has been a lifelong gamer going all the way back to the Coleco Vision. Through all the NES and Sega iterations through modern consoles with plenty of stops at handhelds, he’s always had gaming as a part of his life. After leaving college with a degree in Architectural Technology, he quickly realized building in the real world just didn’t suit him. He returned to school years later to finally realize his dream career in video games.

Nico has been fortunate to run the gambit on projects in his personal career. His first start in the industry came as a jr artist on a VR poker game. From there, he made stops in the mobile game industry as a jr artist and indie studios. For years after, Nico found a home fueling his love of art that was furthering his knowledge of game design and pipeline working in Object Banks at everything from Indie to AAA studios. Nico has helped in releasing over 8 different titles and over 20 updates to current live titles.

Art has always been a huge interest in Nico’s life, going back to drawing the entire deck of Ninja Turtles cards and comic book pages as a kid. When not at work doing art, you can often find Nico working on art to further his skills simply for the love of it. This could be traditional drawing, digital art (3D & painting) and miniature painting. Nico is also an avid guitar player with over 20 years of experience; he enjoys learning about theory and farthing the knowledge on artists he holds closest. Many years ago Nico was bitten by a road cycling bug, and every year logs thousands of miles out on the roads and indoors. Although coming close many times, he is still chasing his first Century Ride and hopes to soon accomplish 100 km (62 miles) in a ride.