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Andy Au


Andy had been working in an investment bank environment in Hong Kong for 10+ years before relocating to Australia. Though the first half of his career was not related to video games, he picked up this interest as a game developer when he had his first encounter with Unity while running a small eCommerce business in Australia. He then worked as a freelance game developer before joining SquadBuilt Inc.

With an interest in physics-based games, Andy began his Unity journey by creating a simple drivable car and then further developed it into a more complex implementation including using Unity’s new ECS architecture and DOTS physics. At SquadBuilt, he further expands his interest and knowledge in developing tractors and implements, in addition to learning how the farming machines work.

When Andy is away from his computer, he likes spending time with his family and travelling around to explore new places. Playing BeamNG.drive is also what Andy usually does when he is not working. He has also started learning 3D modeling with software such as Blender as a beginner.