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American Farming Trailer
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Game Specifications

American Farming is available on the Google Play and App Store.

American Farming takes real life and places it in your palms. From planting, to harvesting, you can do almost anything. Some of our key mechanics include: Plowing, Planting, Harvesting, Livestock, and more!

Have you ever wanted to farm in the rolling plains of Iowa? Well now you can! American Farming takes inspiration of the Iowa landscape to give the player realistic workable land. Hog barns, feedlots, farrowing pens and even pastures, allow you to raise your own animals how YOU want!

Go Wild

Design your own farmer with unique clothing, hairstyles, hair color and more! American Farming can be played in First Person or Third Person, so show off your style!

Crops and Animals

Sick of watching corn grow? Raise pigs and cows in a variety of ways. Watch them grow and add to your farming experience!

Game Images