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Matthew Jolly

Grand Developer

Matt is a southpaw software engineer with an aptitude for games. He has been gaming as long as he can remember, and owned every console from the NES and up. He commandeered the family computer by age 4 and quickly began to favor gaming on PC. He knew from an early age that his passion would be game development, and his teenage years were spent making that dream a reality. Now has has over 20 years of software development under his belt, and has branched out into other industries and fields. When not creating and building things, he enjoys riding his dirtbike, rock climbing, and of course, gaming.

Matt has been programming ever since he picked up his first C++ book at 10 years old, and has been programming professionally since he was 19. His teenage years were spent writing 2D and 3D game engines and games, as well as mods for existing games. While his primary focus has always been gaming, he began his career writing ticket management and GIS applications used by locating and utility companies all across the United States. He called extensively on his past game development experience when writing said GIS mapping applications.

Matt now takes his powerful knowledge and applies it to the SquadBuilt team.

Matt has a multitude of hobbies and interests, from motocross to carpentry to fabrication. He enjoys doing anything creative, especially when it involves building things, both in the virtual world and the physical. Woodworking especially is a favored past time of his.

Always inventing new gadgets and gizmos, he calls upon a wide variety of trades and skills to do so: software development, electrical engineering, CNC/CAD/CAM, woodworking, metalworking, and welding, to name a few. His primary passion though is and always will be game development.