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Ryan Beland

Head Technical Artist/Unity Developer

Ryan has been playing video games since he was tiny. He started out on the NES and OG Gameboy, playing games like Pokemon Red, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., etc. He first dabbled in Gmax and Photoshop in high school, before seeking out a career in video games. Graduating on the Presidential list with honours, Ryan threw himself into the industry, focusing on mobile games in a technical artist role.

Primarily focusing on mobile games, Ryan has worked alongside many studios, as well as created games by himself. His skill set is well rounded, being able to dabble in C++, create shaders and materials, build 3d models, texture through PS, Quixel or substance, build worlds in Unreal and Unity, rig and animate when needed, design captivating UIs and the list goes on.

Ryan joined SquadBuilt Inc. in 2020 as a Technical Artist and oversees pretty much anything art related. In the winter of 2022, Ryan joined the development team as a Junior Developer.

Ryan is a huge Warhammer nerd. He collects armies for both Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Age of Sigmar. Although he used to play 40k, he hasn’t done so since 7th edition. Ryan is also an avid rock climber, choosing bouldering as his primary style. Although he climbs mostly indoors, he does enjoy the occasion outdoor route. Ryan also loves to read, write and play video games in his spare time.