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Trent Anderson

Junior 3D Modeler

Trent has always loved agriculture, from having farm toys and being around farming when he was young, to playing agriculture-related videogames and watching countless farming videos. In 2012 Trent found the game Farming Simulator 2013, and could not stop playing it. As the years went by Trent started wanting to make his own mods for the game, and that’s when he was introduced to the modelling program Blender; this led to finding a passion for 3D modelling and has not stopped making 3D models since.

While having almost 10 years of 3D modelling experience, American Farming is the first videogame Trent has modelled for. He is excited to use these skills and has the opportunity to widen his capabilities when it comes to not just modelling but videogame development too.

Trent has all kinds of interests, in his free time he is most likely furthering his skills in blender by spending countless hours making his favorite farm equipment. He also is found spending time with family and playing a variety of video games with his friends.